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  Music Video :  
improvised music
Motèl Mari // Just Like A King // Official Video
From debut album, Eternal Peasant, directed by Mpumelelo Macata.
According To Who [Motèl Mari] Dirty Paraffin Remix // Offical video
One of the songs on Motèl Mari's remix EP, done by Dirty Paraffin.
According To Who // Video Jack
Choose a film. Find a place in the film. Press play. Play According To Who by Motèl Mari. See what happens. This was one of the best.
    Live performances :  
João Orecchia Live at Espacio Fundación Telefónica, Lima, Peru
Improvisation on handmade electronics and laptop.
Sunshine Girl live at HBC, Berlin
A cover version of It's a Rainy, Sunshine Girl by Faust. Mario Marchisella on drums and Sicker Man on cello, guitar and electronics.
Musik Mit Gästen, evening two
A series of improvised concerts at Zürich's home of Dada, Cabaret Voltaire. Mario Marchisella, João Orecchia, Luigi Archetti.
Musik Mit Gästen, evening one
A series of improvised concerts at Zürich's home of Dada, Cabaret Voltaire. Mario Marchisella, João Orecchia, Saadet Türköz.
All Opera live at House of Nsako
This live version features Mpumi Mcata and Tsepang Ramoba of the BLK JKS. The album version features vocals by Serengeti which you can hear snippets of towards the end of the video, when I play them off the sampler.

We Don't Know live at The Bioscope
A live version of We Don't Know from the album Hands & Feet (Other Electricities). Featuring members of BLK JKS Mpumi Mcata on guitar and Tshepang Ramoba on drums. The Bioscope is a new, and as far as I know, he only independent cinema in Johannesburg.
Blankmusic live at the Kryptonale Festival, Berlin
Blankmusic (Tobias Vethake, Andreas Rosenhahn and myself) performed at the Kryptonale Festival in an empty water tower in Berlin. The festival is devoted to performance that utilizes space. Eight speakers were set up around a circular stage for this improvised performance.
Five Men Three Missing live at Carfax, Johannesburg
Five Men Three Missing live at Carfax in Newtown, Johannesburg on 8 December 2007. Take Someone Bowling, joined us on the evening with stunning robot heads for the audience, a fantastic robot backdrop with projections, and beautiful t-shirts and cardboard silkscreened badges.