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João Orecchia has initiated and participated in several projects that engage with Johannesburg's inner city and the lines that do not exist between art and music.  

During a 3 weeks residency, I developed instruments together with artists from Antananarivo and formed The Malagsy Noise Orchestra. The instruments ranged from percussive stringed intruments made from found objects to simple synthesizers controlled by contacts embedded in canvas, manipulated by the act of painting.

More about Is'Art Gallerie and La Teinturerie here

The journey of a multidisciplinary South African arts collective towards collaborating with Ghanaian counterparts at Chale Wote Street Arts Festival in Accra, 2015.

Watch the JHB Massive crowd funding video here

More about Chale Wote and Accra [dot] Alt here

SoundMind Lab is an exciting new Johannesburg-based artistic venture that will provide a regular platform for innovative contemporary, electronic and experimental music, as well as creative conversations and workshops around contemporary sonic and interdisciplinary practice. Partnered by Wits and SAMRO, and supported by the Goethe-Institut, the Lab also aims to foster artistic connections and collaborations across Africa and globally.

Launch Event: 20 April 2013 // 16:00 // Goethe Institut // 119 Jan Smuts Ave // Parkwood

Come and join the SoundMindLab launch: a playful and creative event where musicians will perform in the varied spaces of the Goethe-Institut in Parkwood and create distinct sonic environments for listeners to experience and interact with as they chart their own sound paths. The performance will finish in the auditorium where the first music performed on SoundMind Lab’s new grand piano can be heard by all. Performers include Jill Richards, Joao Orecchia, Lukas Ligeti, Waldo Alexander and more. Admission Free.

United African Utopias aims at altering, turning over and transforming perspectives, venturing into peoples' dreams of a better world, a better time, a better person. Into these dreams that we often seem to forget while swimming in the current of so-called real life. United African Utopias is a reminder that all things on the planet are invented by mankind, and thus, can be changed by mankind. We can create the world we want to live in.

Over four days in 2012, in cooperation with the Goethe Institut Johannesburg, as part of the Spines Festival, The United African Utopias were superimposed over the city of Johannesburg, allowing guests a glimpse of another possible reality. Taking groups of twenty on a tour of hidden corners, bizarre performances and all modes of transportation available, The United African Utopians claimed simply that "reality is not more than an agreement between seven billion people around".

Read about it here.

Watch a video about it here.

Invisible Cities is a year-long music and arts festival in the form of 12 once-off events set in the empty and unused spaces of Johannesburg. Transitional spaces that are no longer what they once were, and not yet what they will soon become. Rooftops, hallways, stairwells and facades are transformed into snapshots of a possible Johannesburg.

There is a lot of talk about what Johannesburg is, what it was and what it is becoming. It is a city in, perhaps eternal, transition. This is a privilege for us, the people who call it ours. We can make Johannesburg whatever we want it to be. The city is here, asking us to shape it. While some look to European cities and envy their long established routines, venues and structures in the arts, there are those of us who see the blank canvas and embrace it. We see what we want our city to be, we see it's place in the world, and we see the importance of our contributions.

Invisible Cities Pirate Radio is an alternative to mainstream radio in Johannesburg. It is a place for artists and experiments. A place to talk about our city.

ICR broadcasts from inner city Johannesburg on a low power transmitter and boasts regular shows on local ground level culture.

Soon to be found also via stream to the rest of the world. In the meantime selected shows can be downloaded from the website.

On Sunday, 11 September 2011 on Gandhi Square in Johannesburg The Skeleton Crew and the Holy Utopian Orchestra presented nations of the United African Utopias, including presentations, performances of the national anthems, and the opportunity to apply for entry visas.

The United African Utopias is proud to see a steady growth in citizenship and economic growth. We wish to thank the Spines Festival for welcoming us back to Johannesburg late in 2012, when citizens will be able to book tours of our Utopias to experience first hand why so many of us have already relocated.

More information here.