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João Orecchia
Independent CDR 2003

There are still kings and queens in this world, how disappointing. Small things stay small. Things get lost. Peasants, all of us.

After performing on Hands and Feet, Mpumi Mcata and Tshepang Ramoba would frequently join João Orecchia on stage, the trio creating solid walls of explosive sound, bringing vertigo and unexpected outbursts of dancing to the Johannesburg underground.

While writing the songs of Eternal Peasant, João informed Mpumi and Tshepang that they were now part of the furniture, and they would need to stay in the band, or he would have no place to sit. "Aaight", they answered. And João thus continued writing this music with his friends and their psychedelic African rock tendencies in mind. João's skeletons gained flesh and meat in the studio with Mpumi and Tshepang, eventually resulting in this, Eternal Peasant.

The impact of this new process is tangible, with the result far closer sonically to that of a band than Orecchia's previous methods: working primarily alone, gathering material from guest musicians to be later chopped and arranged.

João Orecchia: voice, guitar, banjo, bass, vuvuzela, kazoozuzela, accordion, synthesizer, electronics, tapes, toy piano, loops

Mpumi Mcata: voice, guitar, bass, synthesizer, loops

Tshepang Ramoba: voice, drums

Lee Thompson: trumpet on Here Is Today
Juliana Venter: voice on Cloud and My Shoulder
Jane Rademeyer: voice on Cloud
Grandmaster Cap: voice on Just Like A King

Eternal Peasant is available on clear vinyl with a DVD-Rom containing the album plus bonus tracks in hight quality digital and mp3 format, an extended cut of the offical Just LIke A King music video and an experimental "living remix" application, which generates an ongoing ramdom remix of the entire album.

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