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South Africa X South Florida / Eternal Peasant Remixes
Other Electricities 2013
Eternal Peasant
Motèl Mari
Other Electricities 2012
routes Circuitous Routes 7"
Lukas Ligeti & João Orecchia
Wallace Records 2011
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A tribute to Can

Other Electricities 2009
Hands and Feet
João Orecchia
Other Electricities 2009
It's Only Wasteland, Mum
Blankrecords 2008
Motherless Brooklyn
João Orecchia
Blankrecords 2006
Blankrecords Compilation 2006
Each of Us Is One of Them
João Orecchia & Steffen Martin
Nico and the Navigators 2004
Hier Entsteht
Book with CD/ Various
BBooks 2004
Quality Is Punk
Blankrecords 2004
Capitol Recordings/Involve Records 2004
Where is the Alaska Boy?
Independent CDR 2003
Story of a Journey
João Orecchia
Independent CDR 2003

Motherless Brooklyn is my first solo album, released on Blankrecords from Berlin. This is an abstract exploration around the themes of 'home' and 'homelessness'. It explores the emotions involved in the detachment of feeling alienated in places where you are meant to feel at home and also the surprise of feeling at home in a place where you don't expect to.

“Homelessness is not a happy state, but some of the world’s most beautiful albums can be made out of it. Motherless Brooklyn is one of these, which separates itself from the many guitar-folk albums around now. Wildly romantic with a lot of more or less rattled chords... and everything that belongs in an epic travel album. Unpretentious and direct... Mobile chamber music with lots of feedback.”

(Intro Magazine, April 2006)

“The engrossed sounding music of João Orecchia on Motherless Brooklyn evokes special moments of wandering through city landscapes... Dejavu mixed with a nonspecific memory... Delicate and elegant.”

(, February 2006)

“Motherless Brooklyn crosses the lines of Post-Ambient, Nasty-Folk, DIYtronica, crooked-Pop, Instant-Soul and other magic things he created with his beloved guitar and his little Casio.”

(LoDown Magazine, Special 50th Edition, February 2006)

"João Orecchia writes songs and one feels how good it is to sometimes be alone with his music. Him, his guitar, a looper and a few chords from the synth. Captivating.” 5 Stars.

(Debug 100, February 2006)

"João Orecchia completely captures the atmoshpere of his hometown, Brooklyn, NY in eight songs which could be hardly more different, yet similar at the same time. A kind of electro-acoustic folk pop... worked through gentle songwriter influences, emotions, soundscapes... A beautiful big city album with depth and handmade complexity.”

(, January 2006)

“Motherless Brooklyn is driven by the carefully plucked sounds of João Orecchia’s signature guitar and melodica, which are then increasingly electronically filtered and distorted to reach a sweeping, abstract landscape. At times he recalls Fennesz’s acoustic electronic tracks and at other times the digital collage of the Books.”

(Mail & Guardian, October 2005)

"João Orecchia's Searching for Longing stands out as perhaps the most impressive piece. It begins with the lonely resonance of electric guitar twangs, largely solo at first, but then joined by electronic treatments, but it's the gorgeous sound of Jakob Enderlein's mournful cello that raises the track to a level that matches Godspeed at it's most affecting."

(, March 2005)

“I’ve got a particular soft spot for this project. He loops guitars live, and builds up the most beautiful epic atmospheres.”

(Alexander Holmes (Vanishing Breed/They Came From the Stars; I Saw Them) interview with Musicroom fanzine March 2003)