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  Music Discography AFTERGLOW, VARIOUS
improvised music
South Africa X South Florida / Eternal Peasant Remixes
Other Electricities 2013
Eternal Peasant
Motèl Mari
Other Electricities 2012
routes Circuitous Routes 7"
Lukas Ligeti & João Orecchia
Wallace Records 2011
Hunters and Collectors Hunters & Collectors
A tribute to Can

Other Electricities 2009
Hands and Feet
João Orecchia
Other Electricities 2009
It's Only Wasteland, Mum
Blankrecords 2008
Motherless Brooklyn
João Orecchia
Blankrecords 2006
Blankrecords Compilation 2006
Each of Us Is One of Them
João Orecchia & Steffen Martin
Nico and the Navigators 2004
Hier Entsteht
Book with CD/ Various
BBooks 2004
Quality Is Punk
Blankrecords 2004
Capitol Recordings/Involve Records 2004
Where is the Alaska Boy?
Independent CDR 2003
Story of a Journey
João Orecchia
Independent CDR 2003

Afterglow is the second release by Berlin based Blankrecords under the collective name of Blankmusic. Blankmusic can be seen as the heart of blankrecords and it´s all about live played and live looped electronic soundscapes, based on improvisation. A classical experimental approach clashes with electronic equipment and broken pop-loops. This CD comprises mostly live tracks by different constellations of the Blankrecords crew.

"Blankmusic isn't so much a group as it is an umbrella label for a modest number of Blank Records-related outfits—Fotomaton, Mini Pops Junior, Vincent, and Vethake again—though the eleven-minute “The Matter of Impuls” is credited to the collective Blank Music. With Vethake contributing to every song, the collection feels like a natural sibling to his solo release, and again song titles like “Haunted Road” and “Closer To Nowhere” signify as much. Vethake's haunted “Lament of Departure” carries on from The Subtle Life with a gloomy setting of bowed string scrapes, and the road ahead doesn't get much brighter. “Waiting Seems Poisoned to Me” depicts a dramatic night scene, “So Sigh and Fry” alternates between mournfulness and dread, and deep rumbles escalate into nightmarish buzzing during “Inside That Bottle.” Occasional traces of light penetrate the darkness in “Sparkle My Friend,” a ponderous moodscape of soft glissandi and pulsations. Not only in length but in dramatic reach, the disc's pièce de résistance is the masterfully realized meditation “The Matter of Impuls” wherein a haunted melodica drifts over ruined industrial wastelands, while Doppler shifts woozily mark the distance traveled. Uneasy listening to be sure."

(, April 2006)