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Looking for love? Tune in to 102.2FM. This is a safe space. There is no “other”. There is only love.

There is (or WAS) a radio somewhere in this space, broadcasting proclamations of love for (an) other. It may
still be here… it may have been acquired or it may have broken or run out of power… but tune in, for love of the

This public installation is still up in the east side of Johannesburg, as part of
This collaborative theatrical performance was conceived by writer/director/actor Lindiwe Matshikiza.

A skeleton of a story was presented to 5 creative professionals and around 40 youth with a view to creating charaters to populate the story and a world for these characters to live in.

The result is magical.

Opens Wednesday 26 March 2014 at the Hillbrow Theatre.

Donkey Child Projects

Hillbrow Theatre Project
A great way to wind up the month, this mega line up is going to rock.

Following a European Tour, Motèl Mari is busy with their second album, more remixes and videos and planning the next tour. Here we are on home ground.
Live performance at Fundación Telefónica's ESPACIO, dedicated to digital arts and contemporary electronic music.

This is an improvisation for handmade circuits, field recordings of Lima and laptop. The visuals are manipulated videos shot in Lima, constructed with MAX MSP.